Web Development Team Structure: Roles and Responsibilities

You cannot get rid of it just by adding expertise or by hiring web developers at individual level. You need to build a comprehensive team that includes project manager, team leaders, designers, developers, QA engineers and more. Quality Assurance (QA) engineer’s main job is to minimize the number of bugs before the product launch. However, it doesn’t mean that you should think of testing only after your development team finished writing the code. In fact, the earlier you start implementing testing activities, the less will be the probability of reworks, bugs, and unexpected problems.

Just because they may work behind the scenes on a project does not exclude them from being vital members and privy to celebration. These boundaries are needed in order to keep the team morale high and professional. Though they work closely, teammates are still at risk of arguing feeling as if their role is being encroached upon.

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During the project implementation, the web developer roles are divided according to the different layers of the web solution structure and the specialization of the web development team members. A successful web product creation involves front-end and back-end developers, or companies employ full-stack developers who have both front-end and back-end expertise. In the context of web development, the term for this discipline is website project management.

web team roles and responsibilities

It is important to assign roles in a web development team and select the appropriate staff to create and launch a product successfully. Even a small team of skilled professionals can achieve significant results. At KeyUA, we form advanced teams in accordance with the goals of the project and select specialists based on business requirements. The marketing strategist’s main task is to generate a product promotion strategy that will satisfy all the customer’s business goals. Everything they do is to attract a larger audience to the website and motivate users to perform specific actions.

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Each of the members and altogether, they turn your ideas and plans into a ready-made product. Now you may realize how diverse they responsibilities are, and I hope it will help you to carry out communication with the team during the development process. A web development team is made up of people with diverse skills and expertise who work together to achieve a common goal. Communication is key to ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and without any misunderstandings. Analysts are responsible for gathering and analyzing data in order to understand client business requirements and user requirements.

  • The project Manager decides the timeframe of a sprint, which could be a few days or a couple of weeks.
  • Freelancers often set their personal rates and have the flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • When all the parts are in top working order, the possibility of being strong and successful gets closer.
  • Google has pointed out that a webpage that takes more than 3 seconds to load will drive 32% of visitors away.
  • Based on this information, a project plan is drawn up, which is broken down into stages, also known as sprints.
  • As technology advances, we have plenty of tools that help you build a website in an hour, however, you have to build a dynamic website with a complex backend, you need to take a custom approach.
  • However, don’t forget that the experts working on the tasks are people like you.

This could be due to your preferences, the complexity of the project, or the timing of development. However, now that you know the main roles in your development team, it will be easier for you to communicate your requirements, problems, and requests to the right person. The quality assurance engineer is a pivotal role in any web development team. They ensure that your website is free from bugs and is delivered according to the project requirements.

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The visualized wireframe of the website serves as technical guidance for developers and also helps you to understand the overall architecture of the website. A product manager serves as an intermediary between the business side of the website and the technical aspects. Their role is crucial to ensure that your website is not only functional but also meets its economic goals. While it’s possible to quickly put up a website with drag-and-drop tools, building a website that requires complex backend services requires a team of diverse expertise. So, hold off the thought of hiring a freelancer to build an e-commerce store or a membership website like Udemy.

web team roles and responsibilities

Every specialist contributes to the excellent final result in the form of a high-performing website, web app, or platform, focusing their best effort on the projects and applying valuable skills. Without any of the web development roles, whether it’s a programmer or a marketing specialist, you wouldn’t be able to achieve top results. All of the elements that comprise a digital user interface, as well as the individual graphical items presented on those screens, are designed by UI designers. The designing phase of web system development is under the responsibility of UI/UX designers.

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In others, they go to freelance web developer sites to find individual freelancers or choose to turn to outsourcing companies for obtaining a ready-made dedicated software development team. Building a website is no mean feat and it takes the collective effort of a web development team. Each team member shares an equal and important role to ensure that the website is built according to the requirements and delivered on time.

Ideally, it must be responsive, intuitive, and provide an enjoyable experience and seamless interaction. Generally, the overall product or MVP design process begins with conducting research. Solution Hire Vetted Mariadb Developers architects need to be aware of the nature of different types of websites. Depending on the usage, each type of website may require different site architecture, content, design, and interface.

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In some cases, the designer uses user stories to focus on the project’s goals. Simply put, a user story describes what a user expects to achieve with a particular digital product. In turn, this technical task will be used by the web development team to determine the timeline and prepare the project.

web team roles and responsibilities

In other words, the front end is the part where users see and interact on the website. A front-end developer brings the layout of the website into life, by writing scripts and working with dynamic libraries and frameworks. Even if you hire a developer, the tasks involved are too overwhelming for a single individual. You run the risks of delaying the time-to-market, or introduce avoidable bugs when the website goes live. To illustrate our expertise in web development, we want to share with you the example of the successfully delivered web project.

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Now, the button isn’t only visualized but powered by a code under the hood which makes the registration feature work. Designers and developers work with information architecture and need multiple tools and resources on different stages of the project development, which require in-depth knowledge for the proper operation. As practice shows, programming alone isn’t enough to make a website work for you.

Such specialists often appear to be a bridge between all departments facilitating effective collaboration and simplifying access to each other’s project-related insights. After the development has started, developers send each version of the product to QA engineers. In turn, they check whether it corresponds to technical requirements and specific demands of a customer (if any) by using automated and manual testing methods. They deal with the client-side of the website using such technologies as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Front-end developers recreate a website piece by piece based on a prototype handed them by designers. This way, their principal task is to make sure your website looks good on any device/browser and ensure all it’s elements function correctly.

Project tracking and accountability

These can be internal (involving two or more team members) or external (involving issues between your team and outside vendors — or between your project and another that it must interact with). Explore Agency Life and learn how to scale your agency, straight from agency leaders. Figure 1.3 — Wireframes inevitably look boxy, but the final visual designs don’t need to be. Planning diagrams such as wireframes are a crucial means to convey ideas about the site structure.